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Transformismo and Philippine Democracy
In Philippine Politics and Society in the Twentieth Century, p. 13.
Location: ALC

(1940). Revised Administrative Code of the Philippines: Act No. 2711 Approved March 10, 1917, as Amended up to August 29, 1940. Manila: Authority of Law, Bureau of Printing..

(1945). Revised Administrative Code of the Philippine Islands, 1934.. Washington: U.S. Govt. Print. Off..

(1958). Philippine Annotated Laws: a Compilation of the Statute Law of the Philippines Containing all of the Philippine Acts, the Commonwealth Acts and the Republic Acts. Manila: Lawyers Cooperative Publ..

(1966). Comments and Cases on Civil Law; Civil Code of the Philippines. Manila: Central Book Supply.

(1967). Public Works Act. Manila.

(1967). Military bases in the Philippines: Exploitation of Natural Resources. Agreement between the United States of America and the Philippines, effected by exchange of notes signed at Manila August 24, 1967. Washington: U.S. Govt. Print. Off..

(1968). Military Bases in the Philippines; Employment of Philippine Nationals. Agreement between the United States of America and the Philippines, signed at Manila May 27, 1968, with agreed minutes. Washington: U.S. Govt. Print. Off..

(1969). Revised Barrio Charter: With Comments. Manila: Kagawaran ng Pamahalaang Pampook at Pagpapaunlad ng Pamayanan.

(1972). Civil Code of the Philippines: (Republic Act no. 386). Manila, Philippines: Central Book Supply.

(1973). The Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines. Manila: Bureau.

(1976). Philippines Water Code. Manila: Republic of the Philippines: National Water Resources Council.

(1976). The New Society is the Ideal Society because in it the Filipino lives in Peace, Justice, Dignity and Prosperity. Manila: National Media Production Center, Dept. of Public Information.

(1976). Papers prepared by Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore and Thailand for the Conference on Legal Development in ASEAN countries. Jakarta.

(1977). Code of Muslim Personal Laws of the Philippines. Quezon City: U.P. Law Center.

(1977). Presidential Decrees on Police Matters: with Police Act of 1966, Fundamentals of Criminal Procedure and Evidence, Selected Principles and Provisions of Criminal Law, Pertinent General Orders and Letters of Instructions, excerpts from the Police Manual. Manila: National Book Store.

(1977). Human Rights and Martial Law in the Philippines: A Report of an Investigating Mission to the Philippines. Oakland, Ca.:: National Resource Center on Political Prisoners in the Philippines.

(1978). Presidential Decrees on Mining, with Implementing Regulations, Special Laws, and other Materials. Manila, Philippines: National Book Store.

(1979). Tenant Emancipation in the Philippines. Diliman, Philippines: Public Information Division, Ministry of Agragrian Reform.

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