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Nagapattinam to Suvarnadwipa.

Buddhist Nuns in Taiwan and Sri Lanka.

(1982). An Analytical Description of Poverty in Sri Lanka. Colombo: Marga Institute (Sri Lanka Centre for Development Studies).
Location: UniM Baill 362.5095493 ANAL

(1993). Sri Lanka: Human Rights Situation. London: Amnesty International.
Location: UniM Law KT 2519 SRI

(2000). War in Sri Lanka
In Strategic Comment, 6(1). International Institute for Strategic Studies.

(2000). Consumers in India and Pakistan (includes Bangladesh and Sri Lanka).. Syracuse, NY: PRS Group.
Location: MBS f 658.8340954 CONS

(2001). Sri Lanka's Civil War
In Strategic Comment, 7(5). International Institute for Strategic Studies.

(2003). Prospects for Peace in Sri Lanka
In Strategic Comment, 9(1). International Institute for Strategic Studies.

(2003). Local Conflicts: Hope in Sri Lanka, Positive Signs in Nepal
In Strategic Survey, 103(1), pp. 279-289. International Institute for Strategic Studies.
Location: Strategic Survey

(2004). Sri Lanka's Peace Process
In Strategic Comment, 10(3). International Institute for Strategic Studies.

Udagama, Deepika (1998). Taming of the Beast: Judicial Responses to State Violence in Sri Lanka
In Harvard Human Rights Journal, 11, p. 269.

Ahmad, Naved & Brookins, Oscar T. (2004). On Corruption and Countervailing Actions in Three South Asian Nations
In The Journal of Policy Reform, 7(1), pp. 21-30.
Location: The Journal of Policy Reform

Aladuwaka, Seela & Momsen, Janet (2010). Sustainable development, water resources management and women's empowerment: the Wanaraniya Water Project in Sri Lanka
In Gender & Development, 18(1), pp. 43-58. Routledge.

Alailama, Patricia & Sanderatne, Nimal (1998). Social Policies in a Slowly Growing Economy: Sri Lanka
In Mehrotra, Santosh & Jolly, Richard (Eds.), Development with a Human Face : Experiences in Social Achievement and Economic Growth. Oxford: Clarendon Press.
Location: UniM ECO 338.9 DEVE

Alailima, P. J. (1994). Gender and Poverty in Development Planning and Patterns of Economic Growth and Social Development in Sri Lanka
In Heyzer, Noeleen & Sen, Gita (Eds.), Gender, Economic Growth, and Poverty : Market Growth and State Planning in Asia and the Pacific. New Delhi: Kali for Women and International Books, Netherlands in collaboration with Asian and Pacific Development Centre, Kuala Lumpur.
Location: UniM Baill 305.4095 GEND

Ali, Ameer (2010). Assimilation, Integration or Convivencia : The Dilemma of Diaspora Muslims from “Eurabia” to “Londonistan”, from “Lakembanon” to Sri Lanka
In Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, 30(02), pp. 183-198. Routledge.

Amankwah, Alex (2003). "Rights, Emergencies and Judicial Review" by Imtiaz Omar
In James Cook University Law Review, 10, p. 167.

Ameer Ali (2009). Kattankudy in Eastern Sri Lanka: A Mullah-Merchant Urban Complex Caught between Islamist Factionalism and Ethno-Nationalisms
In Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, 29(2), pp. 183 - 194. Routledge.

Anderson, Michael R. & Guha, Sumit (Eds.) (1998). Changing Concepts of Rights and Justice in South Asia. Calcutta ; New York: Oxford University Press.
Location: UniM Baill 342.54085 CHAN

Arai, Etsuyo (2002). Sri Lanka: Community Consultants in an Underdeveloped Welfare State
In Shigetomi, Shinichi (Ed.), The State and NGOs: Perspective from Asia. Singapore: ISEAS.
Location: UniM Baill 068.5 STAT

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