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Knud-Hansen, Christopher F. (1995). Shrimp Mariculture: Environmental Impacts and Regulations with a Focus on Thailand
In Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law and Policy, 6(1), p. 183.
Location: Westlaw

Komesaroff, Andrew M. (1996). The Protection of the Marine Environment in Joint Development Zones in the Asian Region.
Location: UniM Baill T KOMESAR

Kumar, Deepak (2012). Environmental Human Rights and the Public Trust Doctrine: an Indian Experience
In Malik, Lokendra (Ed.), Rule of Law and Human Rights in India: Essays in Honour and Memory of Justice H.R. Khanna. Universal Law Publishing Co.

Kusnadi Harjasumantri (1990). Hukum Tata Lingkungan. Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Gadjah Mada University Press.

Kusnadi Harjasumantri (1992). Hukum Tata Lingkungan. Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Gadjah Mada University Press.

Kusnadi Harjasumantri (1994). Environmental Legislation in Indonesia. Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Gadjah Mada University Press.

Kuwahara, Yushin (2002). Umweltschutz als Staatsziel (Environmental Law as National Policies)
In Tokai Law Review, 28. Japan: School of Law, Tokai University.
Location: ALC

Kwan-Yiu Wong & Jianfa Shen (Eds.) (2002). Resource Management, Urbanization and Governance in Hong Kong and the Zhujiang Delta. Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press.

Kwiatkowska, Barbara (1991). The Archipelagic Regime in Practice in the Philippines and Indonesia - Making or Breaking International Law?
In International Journal of Estuarine and Coastal Law, 6(1), pp. 1-32.
Location: Legaltrac

Lane, Jan-Erik (2013). China at the Crossroads
In International Journal of Social Economics, pp. 169-180.

Lanjekar, Prutha (2010). Public-Private Partnerships with Urban Water Security: Issues and Prospects in Mumbai, India
In Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies, pp. 167-176. Ritsumeikan Centre for Asia Pacific Studies (RCAPS).
Location: ALC

Lau, Martin (1996). Islam and Judicial Activism: Public Interest Litigation and Environmental Protection in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
In Boyle, Alan E. & Anderson, Michael R. (Eds.), Human Rights Approaches to Environmental Protection. New York: Oxford University Press.
Location: UniM Law KC 243 HUMA

Lavelle, Keren (2001). Defending the (Wider) Environment. (New South Wales Environmental Defenders' Office Director Lisa Ogle in East Timor)
In Law Society Journal, 39(2), p. 17.
Location: Law Society Journal

Lawrence, Elizabeth Ann (1983). Licensing the Exportation of Nuclear Materials: Responsibility to the Global Environment
In Hastings International and Comparative Law Review, 6(2), pp. 517-552.
Location: Westlaw

Leane, Geoff (2005). Climate Change in Oceania: Responses to the Kyoto Protocol
In Leanne, Geoff & Tigerstrom, Barbara von (Eds.), International Law Issues in the South Pacific. Aldershot: Ashgate. pp.161-198

Lee, Jae-Hyup (2004). Negotiating Values and Law: Environmental Dispute in Korea
In Ginsburg, Tom (Ed.), Legal Reform in Korea. NY: RoutledgeCurzon.

Lee, Meehye & Adeel, Zafar (2003). Managing Air Pollution Problems in Korea
In Adeel, Zafar (Ed.), East Asian Experience in Environmental Governance: Response in a Rapidly Developing Region. Tokyo; N.Y.: United Nations University.
Location: UniM Baill 363.70095 EAST

Legal Rights and Natural Resources Center (1991). Law and Ecology: A Compilation of Philippine Laws and International Documents Pertaining to Ecology. Manila: CPHI.

Lei Zhang & Lijin Zhong (2010). Integrating and Prioritizing Environmental Risks in China's Risk Management Discourse
In Journal of Contemporary China, 19(63), pp. 119 - 136. Routledge.

Li, Meixian (2004). China's Compliance with WTO Requirements will Improve the Efficiency and Effective Implementation of Environmental Laws in China
In Temple International and Comparative Law Journal, 18, p. 155.
Location: Westlaw

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