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Islamic Law Online is a collection of English language materials on Islam available  throughout the world.  It includes books, chapters in books, journal  articles and theses, but does not include newspapers, magazines or  unpublished articles.

The Centre for Islamic Law and Society takes a broad view of the interconnectedness of law and society. The database therefore also includes some selected materials dealing with the  historical, cultural, social and economic backgrounds of Islam. It is,  however, not exhaustive.

This database does not claim to be complete. Any assistance that you, the  user, can provide in identifying materials or providing bibliographic  material is very much appreciated. The database includes a function  allowing users to suggest amterials for inclusion, (see below) and we  encourage its use!

Searching the Database

The database is organised according to countries, but also includes a  selection of basic subject areasthat are not confined just to law. 

The database can be searched for any word or a more specific advanced search can be conducted.

The database is also linked to a list of useful websites, which are classified by country and topic.

Locating Material

This database does not provide users with the full-text or abstract of  articles. However, links to some online full-text resources or library holdings of the University of Melbourne are provided and full-text articles are often available online through organisation websites.

If articles do not have a location listed, they are usually not available  at the University of Melbourne libraries. If this is the case, they  might be available via interlibrary loan. A Document Delivery Service is also available.


ALC: Asian Law Centre Library
ERC: Education Resource Centre
Lexis: Lexis - online full-text database (password required if not on campus)
MBS: McLennan Library, Melbourne Business School
UniM Baill: Baillieu Library
UniM ECO: Giblin Economics and Commerce Library
UniM Law: Law Library, Melbourne Law School
Westlaw: Westlaw - online full-text database (password required if not on campus)

Document Delivery Service

If you would like to request a document via MelbLaw Express, please click here. This Document Delivery Service is provided by the Law Library at the University of Melbourne. A small charge applies for this service.


Have we missed something?

Of course, it is impossible for us to have captured all relevant material. If you think we have missed something, please click here to suggest a new entry.


Management of Islamic Law Online

Director: Professor Tim Lindsey
 Research Assistant: Ms Patricia Prentice


This database has been generously supported by:

Professor Tim Lindsey's ARC Federation Fellowship - "Islam and Modernity: Syari'ah, Terrorism and Governance in South-East Asia"


Asian Law Online

Asian Law Online is a similar database provided by the Asian Law Centre.  It is the first  and only online bibliographic database of Asian law materials in the  world.

Offered to the public as a free service to assist students, scholars and practitioners of Asian legal systems, Asian Law Online is a collection of English language materials on Asian laws available  throughout the world and includes books, chapters in books, journal  articles and theses.