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(2012). Health and Ritual in Morocco: Conceptions of the Body and Healing Practices. Leiden: Brill.
Location: Brill Publication

Aramesh, K (2009). The Ownership of Human Body: An Islamic Perspective
In Journal Of Medical Ethics & History Of Medicine, 2(1), pp. 1-4. Tehran: Tehran University of Medical Science.
Location: Academic Search Premier

Bouzenita, Anke Iman (2009). Change of Creation or Harnessing Nature? The Reception of Biotechnology in the Islamic World
In Islamic Studies, 48(4), pp. 499-523. Islamabad: Islamic Research Institute, International Islamic University.
Location: Joeart Publications

A. I. Padela; A.I.; Shanawani, H. & Greenlaw, J. (2008). The Perceived Role of Islam in Immigrant Muslim Medical Practice within the USA: An Exploratory Qualitative Study
In Journal of Medical Ethics, 34(5), pp. 365-369. BMJ Publishing Group.
Location: JSTOR

Athar, Shahid (2008). Enhancement Technologies and the Person: An Islamic View
In Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 36(1), pp. 59-64. Oxford: Wiley Blackwell.
Location: Academic Search Premier

Clarke, Morgan (2008). New Kinship, Islam, and the Liberal Tradition: Sexual Morality and New Reproductive Technology in Lebanon
In The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 14(1), pp. 153-169. London: Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland.
Location: JSTOR

Shomali, Mohamamd Ali. (2008). Islamic Bioethics: A General Scheme.
In Journal of Medical Ethics & History of Medicine, 1, pp. 1-8. Tehran: Tehran University.
Location: Academic Search Premier

Turkmen, H. Ozturk & B. Arda, B. (2008). Ethical and Legal Aspects of Stem Cell Practices in Turkey: Where Are We?
In Journal of Medical Ethics, 34(12), pp. 833-837. BMJ Publishing Group.
Location: JSTOR

Aramesh, Kiarash & Shadi, Heydar (2007). An Islamic Perspective on Euthanasia
In American Journal of Bioethics, 7(4), pp. 65-66. Oxford, UK: Taylor & Francis.
Location: Academic Search Premier

Dols, Michael W. (2007). Historical Perspective: Insanity in Islamic Law
In Journal of Muslim Mental Health, 2(1), pp. 81-99. MI: The University of Michigan Publishing.
Location: Index Islamicus

Eich, Thomas (2007). Modern Medical Technologies and Islamic Law: An Overview
In Art & Thought. Fikrun wa Fann, 85, pp. 15-19. Goethe Institut for dialogue with the Islamic world..
Location: Index Islamicus

Larijani, Bagher L & Zahedi, Farzaneh (2007). Ethical and Religious Aspects of Gamete and Embryo Donation and Legislation in Iran
In Journal of Religion and Health, 46(3), pp. 399-408. NY: Springer.
Location: JSTOR

Padela, Aasim I (2007). Islamic Medical Ethics: A Primer
In Bioethics, 21(3), pp. 169-178. Wiley Blackwell.
Location: Academic Search Premier

Yeprem, M. Saim (2007). Current Assisted Reproduction Treatment Practices from an Islamic Perspective
In Reproductive BioMedicine Online, 1(14), pp. 44-47.
Location: Academic Search Premier

Kassim, Puteri Nemie Jahn (2006). Medical Negligence in Islamic Law
In Arab Law Quarterly, 20(4), pp. 400-410. Leiden: Brill.
Location: Index Islamicus

Hedayat, K.M.; Shooshtarizadeh, P. & Raza, M. (2006). Therapeutic Abortion in Islam: Contemporary Views of Muslim Shiite Scholars and Effect of Recent Iranian Legislation
In Journal of Medical Ethics, 32(11). BMJ Publishing Group.
Location: JSTOR

Masoud, Mohammad T.; Masoud, Faiza; Urquhart, John & Cattermole, Giles N. (2006). How Islam Changed Medicine
In British Medical Journal, 332(7533), pp. 120-121. BMJ Publishing Group.
Location: JSTOR

Rispler-Chaim, V. (2006). Between Islamic Law and Science: Contemporary Muftis and Muslim Ethicists on Embryo and Stem Cells Research.
In Comparative Islamic Studies, 2, pp. 27-50. Annapolis, MD: Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies.
Location: Index Islamicus

Rozanah Ab Rahman (2006). Protection of Safety, Health and Welfare of Employees at Workplace under Islamic Law
In IIUM Law Journal, 14(1), pp. 51-66. Kuala Lumpur: International Islamic University Malaysia.
Location: Index Islamicus

Abdul Hussain, Arif (2005). Ensoulment and the Prohibition of Abortion in Islam
In Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations, 16(2). NY: Routledge.
Location: Index Islamicus

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