Student Exchange

Student Exchange is an exhilarating opportunity that allows students to undertake a semester of study for credit at other well-recognised Law Schools.

For general information on Student Exchange at the University of Melbourne, please visit Melbourne Global Mobility.


Melbourne JD students may only undertake an Exchange for one semester.

Students will be required to complete at least four semesters of study prior to going abroad on Exchange.

Students must have, and maintain, at least a 65% average when applying for Exchange.

Compulsory Subjects (including Legal Research) cannot be taken on Exchange.

Students must undertake a full-time load on Exchange (either 37.5 or 50 points) and as such should course plan sufficiently to ensure that they do not undertake too many options prior to applying/departure.

Students applying to go on Exchange must attend a myWorld First Step Session held by Global Mobility before submitting their application. You must register to attend a session via the Global Mobility website. Attendance is compulsory.

Where can I go?

Melbourne Law School has an expanding list of Exchange opportunities which is updated regularly.

More details

Study Plans

Study plans (for the subjects taken overseas) must be approved in advance by Melbourne Law School. Subjects must be at the graduate level in order for credit to be granted.
The individual subjects for study plans must be submitted via the online form. Once submitted the Faculty Advisor will collate them and attach the subjects to the rest of the application for assessment.

Application and Deadlines

The new due date for applications for exchange in semester 2 2016 is no later than midnight Sunday 1 November.

Due dates for exchanges in 2017 are:

  • For an exchange in our Semester 1, 2017 - Sunday, 29 May 2016
  • For an exchange in our Semester 2, 2017 - Sunday, 23 October 2016

All JD students should make an appointment with the Graduate Services Coordinator (International Experience),, at least two weeks prior to submitting their applications to discuss their institution choices and potential different due dates for applications.

Overseas universities have different due dates for exchange applications. It is the students’ responsibility to be aware of dates for any exchange applications at the institution they wish to attend.


Students are able to apply for Melbourne Law School Mobility Funding to assist with the cost of their exchange.

Students are automatically considered for the Melbourne Global Scholars Award, offered through Melbourne Scholarships

Final Rankings, Graduation and Student Conduct Reports

Students seeking admission to practice obtain a Student Conduct Report from all institutions at which they study, including those overseas.

Students should in the first instance approach their host institutions Exchange Advisor with this request; if there is someone more appropriate they will be able to direct you to them. Students must make a reasonable attempt at seeking a Student Conduct Report. If the host institution agrees but is unsure of the wording students may provide them with a template (DOC).

In the event that an SCR request has been made and rejected, students will need to provide evidence of the original request and of the host institution’s response.

In the event that an SCR request has been made and there is no response students will need to provide evidence of the original request and a follow-up request.

Students who undertake exchange in the final semester of their course will often have to delay their graduation. Melbourne Law School advises you not to make any plans to attend a graduation ceremony until you have received an invitation to graduate.

Your final ranking can only be calculated once your transcripts have been received and you have graduated from the JD. Please note however, that your results from subjects undertaken on exchange are not included in your final ranking.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact the Graduate Services Coordinator (International Experience),

Incoming Exchange

If you are a student at an international law school find out more about incoming exchange opportunities.