Selection Criteria

An equitable selection process

Selection into the Melbourne JD is based on academic results in all previous tertiary study and the score in the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Applicants must have either an undergraduate degree in a discipline other than law or a degree in law from a different legal system.

The University of Melbourne also offers the Graduate Access Melbourne scheme. Graduate Access Melbourne is a scheme for students who experienced hardship in their undergraduate studies  or students recognised to be under-represented in higher education. At least 20% of CSP are awarded under the Graduate Access Melbourne scheme. Please check the Graduate Access Melbourne website to check your eligibility.

As a result of these selection criteria the Melbourne JD student body is diverse, motivated and highly talented.

Selection criteria 

The criteria for selection are:

  • Academic results from all previous tertiary studies
  • Law School Admission Test (LSAT) Score and Essay

The selection criteria is assessed in a holistic way and no single criterion is determinative in the selection process. Each application is assessed on its individual merits and across all criteria. Thus an applicant who may have an excellent degree (average of marks of 80 or over) will be very competitive on this criterion but this does not mean that their LSAT score will not be relevant. Equally, applicants with an average of between 70 and 74 across all their tertiary studies may still be competitive depending on their performance in the LSAT.

Given this interaction between the criteria, it is not possible for the Law School to publish indicative scores or ranges of scores either for the LSAT or tertiary results.