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What is EndNote?
EndNote is a software package that assists in the management of a bibliography. EndNote is best used for large research projects, as the maintenance of bibliographic records in Endnote can be time consuming. EndNote can be used on PC and Macintosh computers and has been released in a number of versions. The current version of EndNote, supported by the law library, is Endnote X3 .

Where to get EndNote X3.
EndNote X3 may be downloaded from:

Endnote X3 and AGLC3 style.
EndNote X3 does not come pre-configured for use with the Australian guide to legal citation's preferred citation style. While various solutions are available, the Law Library recommends the installation of additional files that will configure references to be AGLC3 compliant.

Law resources that do not work with EndNote
Unfortunately, there is currently no legal database that exports cases to EndNote, all will have to be entered manually as new references. EndNote is of course useful for entering citations for articles, books, conference papers, published legal committee reports, and many other legal relevant material.

The main online legal databases that do not work with RefWorks currently are:
Capital Monitor, Casetrack, CCH Online Factiva, Westlaw, Lexis AU, Timebase, Lawlex, Legal Online, Austlii, Baillii, and Taxpoint.

The EndNote program makes use of three essential files:

  • The RefTypeTable (.xml) which stores details of the available reference types
  • The Styles file (.ens) that stores the details of the available styles
  • The EndNote library (.enl) which stores the bibliographic records

Get the RefTypeTable and matching style files

Before you obtain and install these files we strongly recommend that you attend an EndNote X3 for Law class. Check the Law Library web site for details. .

A RefTypeTable and styles file suitable for use with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation has been created by the University of Queensland Library. You may download a copy of the files:


as a single zipped file from:

Download all three as a zipped file.

The .xml file should be saved to the endnote folder.

The .ens file should be saved to the endnote/styles folder on your computer.

These files are to be used in combination with training provided by the Law Library.

Caution: Saving the RefTypeTable file will override your existing file and any changes you made to the existing RefTypeTable. You may manually edit the RefTypeTable as an alternative to replacing it - ask the Law Library for more information.

The Electronic Services Librarian can install Endnote (and associated files) onto your laptop for you. Please contact the Electronic Services librarian on Law Library IT Office on 03 8344 9857 or email for information.


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Reference Table and Styles written by John East, University of Queensland Library.



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