Sample Case Notes

We are very grateful to the students who agreed to allow their work to be reproduced here. Some work has been modified for teaching and illustrative purposes and, in some cases, the work of several students has been combined into a single example.

The samples are provided to help you understand certain aspects of legal academic writing; you should not use them to learn about a particular area of law.

Note in particular:

  • The samples provided here are not 'perfect' or 'model' papers and they do not represent the only appropriate approach to the topic.
  • Papers may contain the odd error with respect to legal rules, precedents and principles.
  • Legal provisions and case law may have changed since the papers were written making it extremely unwise to rely on them for content matters.
  • The original lecturer's comments and corrections are not provided.

Also, the annotations that we have provided are not illustrative of the kind of comments you will receive on your written work.