Sports Law

Melbourne Law School’s internationally renowned specialisation in sports law is at the cutting-edge of sporting and legal knowledge. It was developed specifically for legal practitioners and professionals in the growing field of sports administration and management, for whom an understanding of sports law will provide a real professional advantage. With specially formulated international and national advisory boards influencing the program’s focus and direction, the graduate program in sports law provides a fascinating insight into this legal area.

Our sports law program has ten sports-related subjects rotated over an approximately two year period. The program can be taken as part of the Master of Laws and this solid base in sports law combined with specialised knowledge in other legal areas is superb preparation for the position of in-house counsel in major sports organisations and other roles combining the law and sport. It also offers a versatile foundation for other career paths.

Hayden Opie

Director of Studies
Mr Hayden Opie

2014 Program



All subjects can be taken as part of a degree or on a single subject basis.

2014 Sports Law flyer (PDF)

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