Law School Staff

Melbourne Law School academic staff are recognised as leaders in their fields, both in Australia and around the world.

Our academics draw on their legal scholarship and professional engagements to deliver challenging and intellectually stimulating courses.

The Law School's commitment to quality teaching has been recognised by the Australian Teaching and Learning Council with five academics receiving citations in the 2011 awards.

Staff alphabetical listing

Academic Professional



Authorised by: Office of the Dean
  Mr Andy Schmulow


  Professor Graeme Austin
  Professor Elise Bant
  Professor Caron Beaton-Wells
  Professor Sarah Biddulph
  Professor Andrew Christie
  Professor Sean Cooney
  Professor Michael Crommelin AO
  Professor Carolyn Evans
  Professor Simon Evans
  Professor Belinda Fehlberg
  Professor Michelle Foster
  Professor Jeremy Gans
  Professor Richard Garnett
  Professor Beth Gaze
  Professor Lee Godden
  Professor Matthew Harding
  Professor John Howe
  Professor Andrew Kenyon
  Professor Tim Lindsey
  Professor Ian Malkin
  Professor Tim McCormack
  Professor Andrew Mitchell
  Professor Jenny Morgan
  Professor Pip Nicholson
  Professor Ann O'Connell
  Professor Anne Orford
  Professor Dianne Otto
  Professor Sundhya Pahuja
  Professor Jacqueline Peel
  Professor Ian Ramsay
  Professor Helen Rhoades
  Professor Megan Richardson
  Professor Sam Ricketson
  Professor Andrew Robertson
  Laureate Professor Cheryl Saunders AO
  Professor Gerry Simpson
  Professor Loane Skene
  Professor Adrienne Stone
  Professor John Tobin
  Professor Tania Voon
  Professor Julian Webb
  Professor Mark Williams

Associate Professors and Readers

  Associate Professor Martin Vranken

Associate Professors

  Associate Professor Paul Ali
  Associate Professor Helen Anderson
  Associate Professor Katy Barnett
  Associate Professor Mark Burton
  Associate Professor Anna Chapman
  Associate Professor Alison Duxbury
  Associate Professor Ann Genovese
  Associate Professor Kirsty Gover
  Associate Professor Pamela Hanrahan
  Associate Professor Sunita Jogarajan
  Associate Professor Cally Jordan
  Associate Professor Michael Kobetsky
  Associate Professor Jürgen Kurtz
  Associate Professor Wendy Larcombe
  Associate Professor Shaun McVeigh
  Associate Professor Bruce Oswald CSC
  Associate Professor Andrew Palmer
  Associate Professor Jeannie Paterson
  Associate Professor Peter Rush
  Associate Professor Maureen Tehan
  Associate Professor Joo-Cheong Tham
  Associate Professor Margaret Young

Senior Lecturers

  Dr Farrah Ahmed
  Dr Jenny Beard
  Mr Matthew Bell
  Mr Jason Bosland
  Ms Claire Carroll
  Mr Gary Cazalet
  Mr Arlen Duke
  Mr Andrew Godwin
  Dr Linda Haller
  Dr Jacqueline Horan
  Mr Wayne Jocic
  Dr Rosemary Langford
  Dr Rain Liivoja
  Ms Janice Luck
  Dr Mark McMillan
  Dr Chantal Morton
  Ms Paula O'Brien
  Mr Hayden Opie
  Mr Glenn Patmore
  Mr Andrew Roberts
  Dr Kristen Rundle
  Ms Lisa Sarmas
  Mr Julian Sempill
  Dr Dale Smith
  Ms Stacey Steele
  Dr Michelle Taylor-Sands


  Ms Anna Arstein-Kerslake
  Dr Tess Hardy
  Ms Anna Hood
  Mr Brad Jessup
  Ms Tanya Josev
  Dr James Parker
  Dr Scott Stephenson
  Dr Amanda Whiting

Principal Research Fellow

  Ms Penny Gleeson

Research Fellows

  Ms Timnah Baker
  Ms Evgenia Bourova
  Ms Jessica Casben
  Ms Alice Cashen
  Mr Martin Clark
  Ms Anna Dziedzic
  Dr Coel Kirkby
  Ms Cosima McRae
  Ms Stephanie Niall
  Dr Zim Nwokora
  Ms Lucinda O'Brien
  Dr Rose Parfitt
  Ms Jo Paul
  Dr Florence Seow
  Ms Elizabeth Sheargold
  Dr Grania Sheehan
  Dr Lael Weis
  Ms Hannah Withers

Teaching Fellows

  Ms Monique Cormier
  Mr Jake Goldenfein
  Mr Joseph Kikonyogo
  Ms Tayechalem Moges
  Mr Joshua Paine
  Ms Sophie Rigney
  Ms Corinne Tan

Sessional Academics

  Mr Tom Andrews
  Mr David Babovic
  Ms Madelaine Chiam
  Mr Glendon Coote
  Mr Michael Crawford
  Mrs Lindy Golding
  Mr Michael Gronow
  Ms Raelene Harrison
  Mr Keith Kendall
  Johnathan Kolieb
  Ms Erica Millar
  Mr Matthew O'Connor
  Mr Neil Pathak
  Ms Laura Petersen
  Mr Stephen Sempill
  Ms Cait Storr
  Mr Adrian Storrier

Adjunct Professors

  Professor Bernadette McSherry

Emeritus Professors

  Professor Emeritus Michael Bryan
  Professor Sandford Clark
  Professor David Lanham
  Professor Harold Luntz

Professorial Fellows

  Professor Ian Bailey SC
  Professor Bob Baxt AO
  Professor Camille Cameron
  Michael D'Ascenzo
  Professor Martin Davies
  Professor Tony Duggan
  Professor Allan Fels AO
  Justice Paul Finn
  Professor John Malcolm Fraser AC CH PC
  Professor Ian Freckelton QC
  Professor Raimond Gaita
  Professor Francis Gurry
  Professor James Hathaway
  Professor Doug Jones AO
  The Hon. Justice Michael Kirby
  Professor Susan Kneebone
  Professor Martti Koskenniemi
  Professor Geoffrey Lindell
  Dr Todung Lubis
  Professor David McLauchlan
  The Honourable Alastair Nicholson AO QC RFD
  Professor Robert Nicholson AO
  The Hon. Justice Tony Pagone
  Professor John Sharkey AM
  Professor Robin Sharwood AM
  The Rt Honourable Sir Ninian Stephen KG AK GCMG GCVO KBE
  Professor John Tasioulas
  Professor Michael Tilbury
  Professor Sally Ann Walker
  Major General Ian Westwood AM
  Professor Sarah Worthington QC(Hon) FBA
  Professor Jiunn-rong Yeh

Principal Fellows

  Associate Professor Fred Ellinghaus
  Associate Professor Colin Fenwick
  Professor Kevin Jon Heller
  Dr Michael Kelly AM
  Associate Professor Austin Lovegrove
  Associate Professor Sue MacCallum
  Associate Professor Robert Mathews OAM
  Professor Julian Savulescu
  Associate Professor Carolyn Stevens
  Ms Kristen Walker
  Associate Professor Peter Williams
  Associate Professor David Wood

Senior Fellows

  Michael Black
  The Hon. Justice Julie Dodds-Streeton QC
  Dr Helen Durham
  International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
  Dr George Gilligan
  Senior Research Fellow
  The Honourable Peter Gray
  The Honourable David Harper AM
  Judge in Residence
  Professor Michael Hooker
  Denny Indrayana
  Mr Jonathan Liberman
  The Hon. Justice Christopher Maxwell
  Victorian Court of Appeal
  Mr David Tan
  Dr John Waugh


  Ms Georgina Fitzpatrick
  Mr Graham Fricke

Senior Fellows (The Melbourne Law Masters)

  Professor David E. Adelman
  University of Texas, United States
  Mr Leon Allen
  Davies Collison Cave
  Professor Owen L. Anderson
  University of Oklahoma, United States
  Ms Carol Andrades
  Ryan Carlisle Thomas
  Professor Douglas W. Arner
  University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  Professor Brian Arnold
  Canadian Tax Foundation, Canada
  Professor Diamond Ashiagbor
  SOAS, University of London, United Kingdom
  Mr John Baartz
  Queensland Bar
  Mr Joel Barolsky
  Barolsky Advisors Pty Ltd
  Mr Malcolm Bell
  Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick
  Mr David Bennett QC
  Dr Marie Bismark
  Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne
  Ms Judy Bourke
  Casual Research Assistant
  Mr Noel Boys
  Department of Accounting and Business Information Systems, University of Melbourne
  Mr Richard Bridgart
  Deloitte Private
  Professor Michael Bridge
  London School of Economics, United Kingdom
National University of Singapore, Singapore
  Professor Philip Britton
  Formerly King’s College London, United Kingdom
  Professor Tomer Broude
  Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
  Dr Peter Brukner OAM
  Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre
  Professor Lee Burns
  Mr Daniel Butler
  DBA Lawyers
  Mr David Campbell-Williams
  Sydney Trains
  Professor David Caudill
  Villanova University, United States
  Mr Michael Chaaya
  Corrs Chambers Westgarth
  Mr Michael Charles
  Ms Karin Clark
  Mr Richard Comerford
  Passionate Learning
  Mr Stephen Creese
  Professor Terence Daintith
  Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London, United Kingdom
  Professor Eve Darian-Smith
  University of California Santa Barbara, United States
  Ms Florrie Darwin
  Harvard University, United States
  The Hon. Justice Jennifer Davies
  Federal Court of Australia
  Mr Jan Job de Vries Robbé
  Dutch Development Bank FMO, The Netherlands
  Mr Andrew de Wijn
  Victorian Bar
  Mr Aldrin De Zilva
  Ms Sara Dehm
  Dr Stephen Donaghue QC
  Victorian Bar
  Associate Professor Colin Duffield
  Melbourne School of Engineering, University of Melbourne
  Professor Neil Duxbury
  London School of Economics, United Kingdom
  Mr Michael Earwaker
  Corrs Chambers Westgarth
  Dr Luis Eslava
  University of Kent, United Kingdom
  Mr Michael Evans
  Professor Keith Ewing
  King’s College London, United Kingdom
  Mr Joel Fetter
  Victorian Bar
  The Honourable Ray Finkelstein QC
  Formerly Federal Court of Australia
  Mr Ben Fitzpatrick
  Victorian Bar
  Mr Kevin Fitzpatrick
  Mr Michael Flynn
  Victorian Bar
  Dr Anita Foerster
  Centre for Resources, Energy and Environmental Law, Melbourne Law School
  Mr James Forrest
  King & Wood Mallesons
  Mr Peter Fox SC
  Victorian Bar
  Professor Günter Frankenberg
  Goethe University, Germany
  Dr Angus Frith
  Victorian Bar
  Mr Martin Fry
  Professor Michal S. Gal
  University of Haifa, Israel
  Professor Katharine Gelber
  University of Queensland
  Mr Jonathan Gill
  Carrick Gill Smyth
  Mr Peter Gillies
  Pitcher Partners
  Mr Steve Gledhill
  FB Rice
  Professor Benjamin Goold
  University of British Columbia, Canada
  The Hon. Justice Michelle Gordon
  Federal Court of Australia
  Professor Lawrence Gostin
  Georgetown University, United States
  Mr Phillip Greenham
  Minter Ellison Lawyers
  Mr Stewart Grieve
  Corrs Chambers Westgarth
  Ms Erica Grundell
  Victorian Department of Health
  Mr Peter Hallett
  Watermark Intellectual Property Lawyers
  Dr Peter Harcourt OAM
  Victorian Institute of Sport, Australian Football League, Basketball Australia, Cricket Australia
  Professor Peter Harris
  University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
  Mr Owen Hayford
  Clayton Utz
  Dr Ian Heath
  First Thoughts
  Mr Will Heath
  King & Wood Mallesons
  Mr Ed Heerey
  Victorian Bar
  Ms Michelle Herring
  JGL Investments Pty Ltd
  Mr Graeme Hill
  Victorian Bar
  Mr Ray Hind
  Davies Collison Cave
  Mr Paul Hockridge
  Deloitte Private
  Mr Nick Hopkins QC
  Victorian Bar
  Mr Tony Horan
  Victorian Bar
  Dr Devika Hovell
  London School of Economics, United Kingdom
  Professor Michael Jacobs
  DePaul University, United States
  Mr Sam Johnston
  United Nations University, Japan
  Mr Ron Jorgenson
  Rigby Cooke Lawyers
  Mr Nasos Kaskani
  Victorian Bar
  Ms Claire Kaylock
  Law and Language
  The Hon. Justice Susan Kenny
  Federal Court of Australia
  Professor Michelle LeBaron
  University of British Columbia, Canada
  Mr Scott Leckie
  Displacement Solutions
  Professor René Lefeber
  University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  Mr Rodd Levy
  Herbert Smith Freehills
  Dr Damien Lockie
  Victorian Bar
  Professor John Lowe
  Southern Methodist University (SMU), United States
  Mr Robert Macdonald
  Mr James Macky
  Mr Mark Macrae
  Pitcher Partners
  Ms Patricia Matthews
  King & Wood Mallesons
  Professor Ben McFarlane
  University College London, United Kingdom
  Dr Arthur McInnis
  Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  Associate Professor Frédéric Mégret
  McGill University, Canada
  Professor Bryan Mercurio
  Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  Dr Alexandra Merrett
  Professor Vince Morabito
  Monash University
  Mr Vincent Morfuni QC
  Victorian Bar
  Lt Colonel (Ret) Dan Mori
  Shine Lawyers
  Mr Alexander Morris
  King & Wood Mallesons
  Mr Peter Morrissey SC
  Victorian Bar
  The Hon. Justice Debbie Mortimer
  Federal Court of Australia
  Mr Mark Moshinsky QC
  Victorian Bar
  Mr Joseph Muraca
  King & Wood Mallesons
  The Hon. Justice Bernard Murphy
  Federal Court of Australia
  Professor Liam Murphy
  New York University, United States
  Professor Sean D. Murphy
  George Washington University, United States
  Mr Terry Murphy QC
  Victorian Bar
  Mr Tim Neilson
  Greenwoods & Herbert Smith Freehills
  Mr Jamie Nettleton
  Mr Donal Nolan
  University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  Professor Luke Nottage
  University of Sydney
  Dr Tania Obranovich
  Ms Nadia Odorico
  Griffith Hack
  Mr Ceda Ogada
  International Monetary Fund, United States
  Mr Paul O'Grady
  Victorian Bar
  Mr Frank O'Loughlin
  Victorian Bar
  Professor Brian Opeskin
  Macquarie University
  Mr David Opperman
  Herbert Smith Freehills
  Ms Catherine Ordway
  Sport and Anti-doping Consultant
  Mr Adrian O'Shannessy
  Greenwoods & Herbert Smith Freehills
  Ms Alice Palmer
  Mr Nicholas Pane QC
  Victorian Bar
  Professor Ron Paterson
  New Zealand Parliamentary Ombudsman, New Zealand
  Dr Jenny Petering
  FB Rice
  Mr John Randall QC
  English Bar, United Kingdom
  Mr Bill Reid
  Mr Craig Richards
  Chief Executive Officer
  Bicycle Network
  Ms Melinda Richards SC
  Victorian Bar
  Professor Nelson Rose
  Whittier Law School, United States
  Professor Stephen Ross
  Penn State University, United States
  Mr Richard Rowe
  Former Director of International Legal Division, DFAT
  Mr Peter Rozen
  Victorian Bar
  Professor Paul M. Secunda
  Marquette University, United States
  Ms Karen Sinclair
  Professor David Sloss
  Santa Clara University, United States
  Ms Shannon Smit
  Transfer Pricing Solutions
  Mr Greg Smith
  Australian Grants Commission
  Dr Rhonda Smith
  Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Melbourne
  Professor Allen Snyder
  University of San Diego, United States
  Professor D. Daniel Sokol
  University of Florida, United States
  Mr Philip Solomon QC
  Victorian Bar
  Mr Timothy Spangler
  University of California, Los Angeles, United States
  Mr Ken Spence
  Greenwoods & Herbert Smith Freehills
  Mr Richard Spurio
  Dr Lucy Stackpool-Moore
  AIDS 2014
  Professor Alex Steel
  University of New South Wales
  Professor Paul Stephan
  University of Virginia, United States
  Mr Andrew Stephenson
  Corrs Chambers Westgarth
  Professor Andrew Stewart
  University of Adelaide
  Dr Mark Summerfield
  Mr William Swadling
  University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  Associate Professor Benny Tabalujan
  Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne
  Mr David Tadgell
  Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick
  Mr John Tesarsch
  Victorian Bar
  Mr Trevor Thomas
  Clayton Utz
  Mr Michael Tuckfield
  Clayton Utz
  Mr David Ulbrick
  Corrs Chambers Westgarth
  Ms Kara Vague
  Downer EDI Ltd
  Professor Stefan Vogenauer
  University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  Professor Reinout Vriesendorp
  Tilburg University, The Netherlands
  Ms Scheherazade Walter
  Rio Tinto
  Mr David Webber
  Patent Attorney
  Davies Collison Cave
  Mr Eugene Wheelahan
  Victorian Bar
  Mr Richard Wilkinson
  Herbert Smith Freehills
  Ms Jody Williams
  Perry Maddocks Trollope Lawyers
  Dr Philip Williams AM
  Frontier Economics
  Mr David Wood
  King & Wood Mallesons
  Mr Peter Wood
  Minter Ellison
  Professor Karen Yeung
  King’s College London, United Kingdom
  Mr Richard York
  Frontier Economics
  Mr W. Brind Zichy-Woinarski QC
  Victorian Bar

Research Assistants

  Ms Maria Azzurra Tranfaglia




Authorised by: Office of the Dean



  Executive Officer   Lisa Wallis

Office of the Dean

  School Executive Director   Dr Kylie O'Connell
  Executive Assistant to the Dean   Ms Vi Kacevska
  Executive Assistant to the Deputy Dean   Ms Jill McFadyean

Development & Advancement

  Director, Development & Advancement   Ms Kate Barnett

Employee Services


  Facilities Coordinator   Ms Megan Price
  Administration Officer   Ms Pamela Bowden-O'Leary
  Facilities Officer   Ms Loren Dawes
  Business Systems Coordinator   Mr Brian O'Neill

Human Resources

  Manager, Employee Services   Ms Jackie Rosario
  Human Resources Consultant   Ms Jane Ploenges
  Human Resources Officer   Ms Kate Smith
  HR Coordinator   Mrs Anita Sam Robert
  HR Consultant   Mrs Samantha Samy

Engagement & Marketing

  Manager, Engagement & Marketing   Ms Sharon Orbell
  Casual Events Assistant   Ms Hilary Browning
  Communications Project Officer   Mr Andrew Walsh
  Communications & Media Coordinator   Ms Elizabeth Banks-Anderson
  Alumni Relations Advisor   Ms Chris Cheng
  Social Media Assistant   Mr Blake Connell
  Events Coordinator   Ms Dianne Costello
  Marketing Coordinator   Ms Lauren Graham
  Data Analyst   Lia Harjadinata
  Alumni Support Officer   Ms Zaylee Saint-James Turner
  Events Coordinator   Ms Julia Truong
  Marketing Assistant (Graduate Officer)   Amy Wilson
  Engagement and Marketing Administrative Officer   Mr Joe Zhou

Finance, Strategy & Planning

  Manager, Finance, Strategy & Planning   Mr Chris Abelskamp
  Business & Planning Analyst   Mr Leon Ooi
  Finance Compliance Officer   Ms Kushani Karunaratna
  Finance Officer   Ms Lisa Lansfield

Law Library

  Law Librarian   Ms Carole Hinchcliff
  Senior Librarian (Online Souces and Tools)   Mr Bernard Lyons
  Liaison Librarian   Ms Lois Nichol
  Liaison Librarian (Research Support)   Ms Satu Alakangas
  Law Library Service Officer   Ms Kirsten Bakker
  Law Research Service Adviser   Ms Louise Ellis
  Law Research Service Manager   Ms Robin Gardner
  Liaison Support Librarian (Teaching & Learning)   Ms Rheny Pulungan
  Legal Research Skills Advisor   Mr Trung Quach
  Library Service Officer   Mr Tarek Sharaf
  Client Services Librarian   Ms Kylie Tran

Research & Industry

  Grants Officer   Ms Mas Generis
  Graduate Officer UoM Graduate Program   Erin Willis
  Research Centre Administrator   Mr Hamish Carr
  Research Officer   Ms Rebecca Croser
  Research Officer   Ms Angela Hendley-Boys
  Administrative Officer   Mr Tom Jenkins
  Research Centre Coordinator   Ms Vesna Stefanovski
  Research Centre Administrator   Ms Amy Uhlhorn
  Manager, Research & Industry   Dr Madeline Grey

Information Technology


  Systems Developer   Mr Tony Hodge
  Web Systems Developer   Mr Rob Buttrose

Academic Support Office

Graduate Services & Careers

  Manager, Graduate Services & Careers   Ms Kristin Lord
  Graduate Services Coordinator (Mentoring)   Ms Melanie Dunkley
  Graduate Services Coordinator (Recruitment & Admissions)   Ms Alana Madigan
  Graduate Services Coordinator (International Experience)   Ms Grey Dove Rengger-Thorpe
  Graduate Services Coordinator (Work Integrated Learning)   Ms Kelly McDermott
  Recruitment & Admissions Manager   Ms Mary Wee

Teaching & Learning

  Manager, Teaching & Learning   Ms Lindsay Guy
  Director, Programming & International Student Recruitment (MLM)   Ms Kaye Nankervis
  Applications & Enrolment Coordinator   Mr Mark Falconer
  Teaching and Academic Resources Manager   Ms Sophie Hill
  Student Communications Coordinator   Mr Tom Hewitt - McManus
  Course Materials Officer   Ms Janet McPherson
  Teaching & Learning Advisor (JD & Breadth)   Ms Megan Baber
  Teaching & Learning Advisor (MLM)   Ms Trang Nguyen
  Teaching & Learning Advisor (JD & Breadth)   Ms Bianca White
  Timetabling & Assessment Coordinator   Ms Kate Bartlett
  Enquiries Officer   Ms Luisa Childs
  Teaching & Learning Advisor (MLM)   Ms Tessa Dermody
  Teaching and Learning Assistant   Katherine FitzHywel
  Senior Administrative Officer   Ms Bridget Hannan
  Teaching & Learning Advisor (Web & IT)   Ms Jessica Lindsay
  Timetabling & Assessment Officer   Ms Cassie Paterson
  Teaching and Learning Project Officer   Mrs Dianne Stolfa
  Teaching & Learning Advisor (Wellbeing)   Ms Kate van Hooft
  Timetabling & Assessment Officer   Ms Lai Sim Woon

Research Centres and Institutes

  Research Centre Administrator   Ms Jean Goh

Asian Law Centre

  Centre Coordinator (ALC & CILS)   Ms Ade Suharto
  Manager, ALC & CILS   Ms Kathryn Taylor
  Centre Administrator (ALC, CILS & ARC FF)   Ms Tessa Shaw

Civil Justice Research Group

  Centre Coordinator (Obligations Group, Civil Justice Group and Competition Law & Economics Network)   Ms Sue Grogan