Melbourne Careers Centre at Melbourne Law School

A Melbourne Law School law degree opens a world of career opportunities. Our graduates enjoy fulfilling and successful careers in a wide range of sectors.

Melbourne Careers Centre at Melbourne Law School is a unique and specialised service to help students identify their career goals and bring them to fruition.

Not only do we provide services to help students achieve their career aspirations, we also work proactively with the key employers to develop opportunities exclusively for Melbourne Law School students.

Law Online

Melbourne Careers Centre at Melbourne Law School has an information management system to help you to manage all your career preparation! Law Online will make it easier to plan and stay on top of your appointments, jobs, events and other Careers related activities. Law Online allows you have your own personalised hub for all the information you need to help you on your path to a successful career.

Services available include:

  • Information on drop-in times and availability
  • See upcoming career events
  • Find a job opportunity
  • Recent news posts
  • Resources to help you with your career planning

Accessing Law Online

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