Global Outlook

Melbourne Law school prides itself on its international focus and global awareness. The School has a long tradition of international and comparative legal research. It also has exceptional legal and professional links around the globe.


Our Melbourne based academics research on international, comparative and transnational issues using their expertise to inform curriculum and skills development. Additionally each year, about 50 leading international academics visit Melbourne Law School, teaching into our programs, particularly the MLM, on international and foreign law.

Student Opportunities

Melbourne Law School has a global outlook, equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to work in an increasingly interconnected world. Each program has particular international offerings as outlined below.

Melbourne JD

  • Graduate with two internationally recognised qualifications through the dual degree programs offered in conjunction with Cambridge University, Oxford University, New York University School of Law or the Chinese University of Hong Kong, after competitive selection by partner schools.
  • Go on student exchange and choose from a variety of locations across the world including the USA, Canada, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, UK, Israel and Singapore.
  • Study transnational and international legal issues with faculty and students from leading global law schools at the Center for Transnational Legal Studies (CTLS) in London.
  • Choose from two exciting subjects abroad, both of which are taught at international hubs and focus on broadening the student experience: Institutions in International Law (Geneva) and Global Lawyer (Washington DC and New York City).
  • Apply for the Allan Myers Scholarship or the Supreme Court - Trinity Hall Scholarship, which enable students who hold or are working towards a professional qualification law degree from MLS to pursue masters level studies at Oxford or Cambridge Universities respectively.
  • Internship opportunities and the Legal Internship Subject.
  • Join a diverse and vibrant student body representing 53 countries.

Melbourne Law Masters

  • Learn from and engage with more than 50 international visiting experts and scholars who teach in the MLM each year.
  • Take one or more approved subjects towards an MLM degree from a Masters program overseas.
  • Undertake an international legal internship at an approved international institution or organisation.
  • Network with a diverse international student body, representing almost 40 countries from across the globe.

Graduate Research Degrees


The school also maintains close ties with its international alumni, benefitting from their expertise and insight. Melbourne Law School is proud to have an active alumni community of over 17,000, of whom more than 5,000 live outside Australia. We believe that alumni are a key component of any successful law school and believe that as an alumnus you have the opportunity to tap into an extensive network that will help you build contacts and experiences around the world. We also encourage students to begin their alumni journey by participating and engaging with alumni before they graduate.