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November 2014


'Diagnostic of a successful business human rights campaign'
1:00 pm Tuesday 25 Nov 2014
This seminar is co-hosted by the Centre for Corporate Law and Securities Regulation (CCLSR) and Institute for International Law and the Humanities (IILAH) at the Melbourne Law School.


CELRL Labour Law Seminar - Statutory regulation of collective bargaining across four jurisdictions
1:00 pm Tuesday 25 Nov 2014
In this seminar Keith Ewing and Anthony Forsyth will give a presentation on a four country study on legislation relating to collective bargaining.


ERRN (VIC) Seminar: Australia’s Gridlocked Political System: The Fruit of a Slow-Burn Legitimacy Crisis
1:00 pm Thursday 27 Nov 2014


'The Olympic Games and Human Rights'
1:30 pm Saturday 29 Nov 2014
Symposoium hosted with the support of the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, SHAPS & the Institute for International Law and the Humanities, IILAH at University of Melbourne.


December 2014


2014 Melbourne Doctoral Forum on Legal Theory
1 - 2 Dec 2014


CLEN and CCLSR present a lecture by Professor William Kovacic on Tuesday 2nd, December 2014
6:00 pm Tuesday 2 Dec 2014


‘The Conundrum of Punitive Damages: Was it Ever So?’
1:00 pm Wednesday 3 Dec 2014


Judges in Conversation - Justice Mordecai Bromberg and Professor Keith Ewing
5:30 pm Wednesday 3 Dec 2014
The Hon Justice Bromberg will discuss with Professor Ewing the basis for treating the right to strike as a human right and look at recent experience in Europe.


ERRN (SA) Seminar: Compulsory Voting, For and Against
1:00 pm Thursday 4 Dec 2014


IILAH PROVOCATIONS 2014 Symposium ‘On Lives Lived with Law’
9:30 am Monday 8 Dec 2014
IILAH PROVOCATIONS EVENT 2014, Symposium ‘On Lives Lived with Law’. Convenor: Shaun McVeigh

Prof Philip Alston Edited

Could Australia Really Become a Police State?
6:00 pm Tuesday 9 Dec 2014
No non-authoritarian country in the world has moved so far and so fast to put in place a security regime of the sort that Australia has adopted in recent weeks.


The Great Trade Mark Debate
6:00 pm Wednesday 10 Dec 2014
CMCL and IPRIA are pleased to co-host this debate on whether trade marks should be kept in their place


February 2015

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Corporate Law Teachers Association Annual Conference 2015
1 - 3 Feb 2015


Melbourne Law School Gala Dinner
7:00 pm Saturday 7 Feb 2015
Join us to celebrate the people, traditions and achievements of Australia's leading law school


Book Launch - Just Mercy
6:00 pm Thursday 19 Feb 2015
Join Bryan Stevenson for the launch his latest book Just Mercy and for a public lecture.


Sports Law and Integrity Workshop - AFC Asian Cup 2015
27 - 28 Feb 2015
One-day workshop on integrity and event management for the AFC Asian Cup in 2015 in Australia and looking forward to the Winter Olympics in 2018 in South Korea


April 2015


Conference: Contemporary Issues in Indian Public Law
10 - 12 Apr 2015
CALL FOR PAPERS: Faculty of Law (Oxford) and MLS joint-workshop on Contemporary Issues in Indian Public Law 10-11 April 2014