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November 2015


'Institutional complexity and its consequences for environmental justice: the cases of climate geoengineering, REDD+, and short-lived climate pollutants'
1:00 pm Monday 30 Nov 2015


December 2015


Obligations Group Conference: Equity
2 - 4 Dec 2015


'Uncomfortable Collaborations'
8:00 pm Friday 4 Dec 2015


Commons Governance Masterclass
9:30 am Sunday 6 Dec 2015
CREEL Seminar in conjunction with the Open Food Foundation


‘Democracy in Transition’ conference
6 - 8 Dec 2015
Globally we are witnessing an evolution of democratic ideals and models, with new insights and solutions that have the potential to transform democratic societies.

Sinéad Ring

'Is Redemption Possible Here? Developing an Ethics of Memory for Historical Childhood Sexual Abuse in Ireland'
1:00 pm Monday 7 Dec 2015
This paper engages with questions of representation and memory in the Irish courts’ engagement with adults who report childhood sexual abuse.


Intellectual property in the TPP: gold standard, or perhaps dead weight?
1:00 pm Tuesday 8 Dec 2015
Intellectual property in the TPP: gold standard, or perhaps dead weight?


Workshop: The Philosophical Foundations of Indigenous Law
10:15 am Wednesday 9 Dec 2015
Pre-Symposium Workshop for CCCS conference, the Tri-Nations Symposium


IILAH Book Launch: Sexual and Gender Diversity in the Muslim World, Dr Vanja Hamzic (SOAS)
6:00 pm Monday 14 Dec 2015
Author Vanja Hamzic in conversation with with Shakira Hussein) National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies, Asia Institute) & Dianne Otto (MLS)

thumbnail LH

Seabrook Chambers Public Lecture: 'The Law on Penalties - a Wasted Opportunity?'
6:00 pm Tuesday 15 Dec 2015
Presented by Lord David Hope. In this lecture, Lord Hope will consider the law on penalties in light of a recent case which came before the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.


IILAH Book Launch: Local Space, Global Life, Luis Eslava
6:30 pm Tuesday 15 Dec 2015
Local Space, Global Life offers a novel account of the operation and everyday effects of international law and the development project


February 2016


'The Evolving Project of Labour Law' Workshop
4 - 5 Feb 2016
A Workshop to Celebrate 21 Years of the Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law